Throughout the year the Mackay Community Garden hosts many events and educational workshops.
Below is a summary of our regular events.



To register for an event, please email your details (name, phone number, course name & date)
or call Katrina at 0487 127 578.

Payment Options:
Bank Transfer: Mackay Community Garden Inc. BSB 633 000   ACC NO. 1407 98 760
Reference: Name & Course Name

Check out the events page or Facebook for details on all current upcoming events.



The Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC), is the primary and most comprehensive introduction to the world of Permaculture developed by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in the early 1970's. The 72 hour PDC covers the Permaculture ethics, principles, methods of design, pattern understanding and energy cycles. We also cover design for different climatic factors, earth works, aquaculture, soils, trees and water and conclude the course with future strategies for our changing world. This course has provided many participants worldwide, with the knowledge necessary for involvement in developing their own properties including urban and suburban properties as well as small and large farms, schools and has paved a path to foreign aid work overseas and community development. Permaculture uses a set of principles which will provide both productive and sustainable systems which support architecture, food production, land management, community development as well as day to day living experiences.

This is a live in, 2 week Permaculture experience to be held in the majority, at a developing property in Finch Hatton, 45 minutes Nth. West of Mackay. This 2 week course is our preferred teaching method as participants are fully immersed in the Permaculture experience. The fee for this course is $1,200.00 for members and $1400 for non-members, which includes all meals and tent or dorm style accommodation. We also have a discounted course fee of $1,000.00 if you wish to help out with some chores during the two week experience. A $500.00 deposit is required for this course to be paid at least 2 weeks prior to the course starting date. Other accommodation is available a short drive from the site and can be arranged upon request.

Day 1 - Introductions and Permaculture design concepts
Day 2 - Methods of design
Day 3 - Patterns in nature
Day 4 - Climate and climatic factors
Day 5 - Trees and their functions
Day 6 - Water in the landscape
Day 7 - Soils, earthworks and earth resources
Day 8 - The humid landscape, dry land strategies and humid cool to cold climate
Day 9 - Aquaculture and animals in the system
Day 10 - Strategies for an alternative nation and design for catastrophe
Day 11 - Final design presentation and celebration
Day 12 - Certificate presentation and where to from here


This two day workshop is for those who wish to apply design for sustainability and food systems using permaculture principles based on our natural environment. This workshop is very beneficial for individuals who wish to live healthier lives by growing some of their own organic food or want to start gardening and are not quite sure where to start. Also this workshop is great to do before building or purchasing a home. It benefits our farming community, our school community, planners, architects, designers or anyone interested in sustainability.

We cover:

  • Ethics
  • Natural patterning
  • Basic permaculture principles including sectors and zones
  • Landscape hydrology

Participants can be guided through the designing of their own property; house yard, balcony, farm, school (or parts thereof) and much more.

Workshop runs from 9:00AM to 4:00PM over 2 days.

Cost: $150.00 for members, $175.00 non-members. Morning tea and lunch provided.
Group Bookings (6-15 participants): $1000.00 per group booking at Gardens ($1200.00 off site) and Schools can vary


This 4 hour workshop is beneficial for householders, gardeners, farmers, community groups and schools who wish to reduce the amount of food they are buying from the shops and wish to lead healthier lives. Learn how easy it can be to have an abundance of fresh, live, organic food at your back doorstep every day.

We cover the areas of zone 1 and 2 gardening based on permaculture principals which include your vegies and herbs, basic staples suited to this region, how to increase diversity and productivity very simply, the importance of mulching and how best to do it, the importance of nutrient and how best to create it, some great watering tips and much more.

Workshop runs from 9:00AM to 1:00PM

Cost $50.00 for members, $60 non-members. Morning tea provided.
Group Bookings: (6-12 participants) $300.00 per group booking at Gardens and Schools can vary.


This 3 to 4 hour workshop is great for householders who wish to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, schools wishing to establish a composting system or farmers wishing to reduce on farm costs.

We cover what ingredients are required to make good compost and why it is important to use them, how to set up your composting area, where best to locate it and some trouble shooting tips. We use real products and relate knowledge directly to individual circumstances.

Workshop runs from 9:00AM to 1.00PM

Cost: free (sponsored by Mackay Regional Council). Morning tea provided.
Group bookings: (6-20 participants) $300.00 per group booking at Gardens ($400.00 off site) Schools can vary.


You are invited to an informative, fun and interactive morning, where we will learn to identify, harvest, process and cook numerous tropical greens (“spinaches”) fresh from the garden. Tantalise your taste buds with new flavours and share ideas! Take home some cuttings, and an inspirational way of transitioning towards food diversity and security in your kitchen and your garden!

Workshop runs from 9.00AM to 1.00PM

Cost: $30 for members and 50$ for non-members, including morning tea and lunch.


Explore the garden with your children! Mackay Community Garden hosts fun gardening workshop and activities for children from ages 4 to 12 during the holidays.


Luke & Harmony from Pandurunga Farm host a hands-on permaculture experience in beautiful Finch Hatton Gorge!

Activities will include digging a swale construction and mulching and planting out with food plant and support species.

Plants included will be Turmeric, Bananas, Pigeon Peas, Sambung, Sweet Leaf, Aibika, Paw Paw, etc.

Donations would be appreciated for a great day's activities with lots of permaculture knowledge, hands on time and a great shared meal.

Bring your bathers, hats, enclosed shoes and lunch to share.

9:00AM to 4:00PM


Community Gathering to share knowledge & food! Everyone in the community is invited to get together and share their home-made or home-grown food they have in ABUNDANCE.

If you have no food to share it simply means come share your love and wisdom. It may also just mean it's your turn to receive!

So mark your calendars, let's get together every second Saturday of the month.

Sharing is caring!! If you have too much of something... ...share it!

The idea of sharing your surplus (abundance) is a permaculture principle that the Mackay Community Gardens wants to embrace & promote within our community.

We also encourage everyone to bring a small plate to share for morning tea!

How it works:
10 am: Place any surplus of home-made/home-grown produce to share on the table.
10 am - 11am: Morning tea & spending time connecting with everyone from the community. Share knowledge and stories while enjoying a cup of fresh garden herb tea.
11 am -12pm: Look over the sharing table and take home anything that you like.

Remember some days you might be the person who brought a lot of the produce and another time it might be your turn to just take something home.